Franchise Program

Through its specialized hospitality projects, the Mohammed al-Shaalan Foundation offers ample opportunity for excellence, so our brands will be invested to be a great opportunity to attract real partners through a privileged franchise program that goes beyond the vision of the institution and the expectations of distinguished guests.
The Mohammed al-Shaalan Foundation does not use the franchise as a means of growth only, but also as a guarantee of commitment and benefit from a long-term partnership, the project excellence of the Mohammed Shaalan Foundation helps to grow, disseminate the concepts, philosophy and policies of the institution, to be the cornerstone and the starting point for the continuation Success, in order to do so, the foundation will harness its full resources to support small investors.
The Foundation has consistently endeavoured to implement new concessions, through the selection of qualified partners, at the highest level, to join the family of the projects of Muhammad al-Shaalan and to aspire an institution for the participation of highly competent and committed people, with a strong desire for success, coupled with a strong spirit of initiative, Previous business experience, a strong financial position and a track record of success in their past endeavours are all fundamental factors to be taken into account.

The foundation also looks to those who obtain their trade franchise to be able to assume leadership positions, responsibilities and management burdens, both financially, accounting, profit-making, personal management and personnel management, and extensive interaction with clients and their service.
Anyone who obtains the privilege of an enterprise project must have sufficient capacity to communicate with the community, whether they are clients, or members of the team, and we give high priority, for this particular attention, in the Muhammad al-Shaalan Foundation targeting all groups, people are the core and heart of the work you do.

Steps to get the franchise

Completing the application form for information
Please fill out the form by visiting our web site
Meet the institution’s officials at the headquarters of the main institution.
Attendance at the induction course.
Implementation of the concession agreement
Find the right location and implement lease contracts
Open your project.